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When it comes to choosing the best for your home Supreme have got you covered. We have a vast and varied selection of front doors and external doors for the rear of your home with a wide selection of colours, finishes and choice of panelling and glass designs.

All our PVC-u doors are bespoke and so you can choose a combination of glass, PVC panels and other options to truly create a door that is unique to you. We also have a wide Composite Door Range with high security locking systems.

 Entrance Doors
Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

Sleep soundly with our high security doors which are designed to be some of the most secure doors on the market and have rigorous testing. All our doors offer high security upgrades which include enhanced security door handles and cylinders that provides protection against the latest method of forced entry and complies with enhanced security performance standards.

Energy Efficient

Stay snug with double protection from draughts with our double rebates for better insulation check out our triple – glazed gas filled units to offer improved thermal performance. Not only will these protect against draughts but will also help reduce noise. Call in to our showroom and see how we can help you keep draughts out and heating bills down.


Energy Efficient
Spoilt For Choice

Spoilt For Choice

Our low maintenance, highly robust colour finish is designed to stay looking good year after year, both on the outside and on the inside. Choose the perfect colour for the exterior of your home and match it with the perfect colour for the inside. Call into our showroom today and see our extensive range of colours and styles available.

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The Palladio Door Collection


10 Year Guarantee

10 Year Guarantee

Measure, Supply & Fit

Measure, Supply & Fit

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction

  • entrance
    Entrance One
  • entrance
    Entrance Two
  • entrance
    Entrance Three
  • entrance
    Entrance Four
  • entrance
    Entrance Five
  • entrance
    Entrance Six
  • artane door
    Entrance Seven
  • clonshaugh door and window
    Entrance Eight
  • clonshaugh full front of house
    Entrance Nine
  • foxfield door
    Triple glazed Composite door
  • foxfield windows outside view
    Cream PVC windows and Composite door
  • full house front in whitehall
    Full house front in Whitehall PVC windows and Composite door
  • Yellow Composite Door
  • supreme door
    Rosewood 70mm PVC-u door bevel tile design
  • supreme door
    Traffic Purple Triple Glazed Composite door
  • supreme
    Full house of Cream PVC windows and Traffic Purple Composite door
  • triple glazed composite door with decorated glass design
    Triple Glazed Composite door with Decorated glass design
  • solid composite door with white georgian pvc windows
    Solid Composite door with White Georgian PVC windows
  • oak cairo door with multiple glass windows on both sides and front
    Oak Cairo
  • san Marco design door glass type
    San Marco
  • dark door with glass window near its handle and the other one is in the side
  • black door and the glasses at the side to the top
    Solid Door ARCH Top Panel
  • brown door with double translucent windows
    OAK San Marco
  • brown door with small window on front
    Oak T & G
  • big door with multiple glass windows on the side
    Georgian 2
  • traditional one side window with a mailbox on the side
    Anthracite Grey Rome door
  • light brown doors with multiple windows
    Oak Cairo
  • a diamond-shaped window in the middle of the door
  • tri windows style doors on the side and above the door
    PVC-u door
  • glass panel windows and black door
    Rome Lever handle
  • brown door glass in the middle and glass panel on the side
  • green doors with glass panels on top
    Entrance Door
  • black door with white frames on the side
    Entrance Door 2
  • black door with centre glass and side
    Entrance Door 3
  • grey door with alternate glass and both side
    Entrance Door 4
  • yellow door with glass on both side
    Entrance 5
  • gray door with three carved diamond on the center
    Entrance doors
  • black door with glasses on both side
    Entrance Door 2
  • double glass doors with wood black frames
    Entrance door 3
  • black door with a glass panel on the side
    Entrance door 4
  • black door with blur glass design on the centre
    Entrance Door 5
  • dark brown door with a big holder and glass both side
    Entrance door 6
  • baby blue coloured doors with glass both side
    Entrance door 5
  • Door and window
    Entrance Door 6
  • Entrance Door 7
  • Entrance Door 8
  • white door with rectangle glass on the center
    Entrance Door 9
  • dark blue door with four rectangular windows
    Door 1
  • dark grey door with separate glass windows in the upper side
    Door 2
  • black wooden door with four small rectangular glass windows
    Door 3
  • white door with a big rectangular window in the middle
    Door 4
  • modern black wooden door with big handle on the side
    Door 5
  • white door with small round glass at the mid center
    Door 6
  • two glass rectangular windows on a light grey door
    Door 7
  • black door with fan-like glass upper side
    Door 8
  • double windows in sides of the door
  • baby blue coloured door with glass on the upper side
  • baby blue coloured door with glass on the upper side
  • gray door with glass panes on the side
  • gray door with glass panes on the side
  • supreme doors with double side windows
  • red wooden door of some glasses on the centre
  • white door with a glass on the centre
  • black door with a glass on the centre
    Lumi Door
  • supreme windows and doors glasses
  • black door with a glass on the centre
  • black door with the glass on the centre
  • black door with rectangular window on the center
  • Porcelain Blue Contemporary Style
  • grey doors with unfinished wet cement on its stairs
  • black door with small glass window in front and single glass on the right side
  • white door with rectangular glass on front
  • single white door with glass on front and glass on both sides of the white door

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