Replacement Glass

Improve your home with Supreme EcoGlaze glass units

Supreme EcoGlaze Replacement Glass

If new windows are not an option for you right now why not update your current glass with Supreme’s EcoGlaze units?
Not only do Supreme supply and fit new high performance window and door frames we also retrofit energy efficient A-Rated Supreme EcoGlaze Double and Triple glazed units.

Why replace your existing units with Supreme EcoGlaze?
• Budget friendly
• Heat retaining properties reduce your energy bills.
• Enhanced sound insulation
• Improves (BER) Building Energy Rating
• Reduces condensation
• Reduces your carbon footprint
• Glass replacement can be complete in a single working day with no need for plastering or redecorating.

Supreme Doors
Supreme Doors

Supreme EcoGlaze Replacement Glass

Double & Triple Glazed
Supreme EcoGlaze glass units offer the highest insulation values. Achieving U Values as low as 1.0W/m²K in double glazed and 0.4W/m²K in triple glazed. Supreme EcoGlaze units use Argon Gas, warm edge technology and low iron glass to enhance thermal efficiency. These units are manufactured to the highest European standards.

Greater Safety & Security
All Supreme EcoGlaze units are toughened and conform to EN 12150 standard. Laminated glass options can be used to further enhance safety and security.

Enhanced Sound Insulation
Supreme EcoGlaze glass units are ideal for sound reduction, if you live in an urban, on a flight path or near a busy roadway our team of experts can advise you on the best solution for your home.

Emergency Glass Repair

A glass break can expose and threaten the security of your home and business, Supreme offer a same day glass replacement service & boarding where necessary. Contact us below to secure your premises in an emergency.

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