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Causes Of Draughty Windows

Draughty windows are a common occurrence in many homes. The main cause of draughty windows is faulty hinges; the rubber seal can also perish and allow draughts to get in. Another cause of draughty windows can be that the window opening may not be square and will drop...

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Energy Saving Double-Glazing

Modern-day Double-Glazing not only achieves increased thermal improvement but offers the end-user the opportunity to incorporate additional feature such as acoustic glass to reduce unwanted noise, self-cleaning glass for those hard to reach and awkward areas,...

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Supreme Simple Tips To Help Prevent Burglaries

1) Do lock all your doors and windows when you go out. Pay particular attention to the back of your premises - a popular entry point for burglars. 2) Donโ€™t leave door keys in hiding places such as under the doormat. Thieves know all the hiding places. 3) Do keep your...

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