Your front door is an essential feature of your home. It contributes to kerb appeal and keeps out unwanted intruders. But even new doors can show signs of wear after withstanding wind, rain and snow. Knowing when you need replacement doors can help keep your home in tip-top condition.

Repair or replace?

If your door knob is broken or your paintwork looks shabby, a quick repair is a cost-effective way to repair your door.

But if you notice any of these telltale signs of damage, you must replace your door instead of trying to patch it up, or you could end up locked into a cycle of long-term maintenance that soon burns a hole in your pocket. Instead, replacement timber doors will provide a robust and cost-effective solution.

Your front door is damaged

If your front door has seen better days, it’s a sure sign you need a replacement. Poor-quality timber doors are susceptible to moisture, which can cause warping, decay and rot. Environmental factors like weather, insect infestations and pollution can also damage your door, compromising its structural integrity. In turn, this can lead to unwelcome draughts, ill-fitting glazing, or even security issues.

Of course, if your door shows signs of damage, you could try a coat of paint. But once that starts to crack and peel, you’re back to square one. Instead, new doors make a fantastic, long-lasting first impression.

Your door is difficult to use

A door that doesn’t open and close smoothly has lost functionality and needs replacing. There’s nothing more annoying than loud squeaking noises, faulty hinges, and poor movement, which will only get worse over time. Lubricating the hinges is a temporary fix, but the problem will likely recur.

Now could be an excellent time to reassess the aesthetics of your front door. There’s a big difference between vintage and outdated. So, if your door looks old-fashioned and is impacting your style, it’s definitely time to look at replacement doors.

Your home is draughty

New doors keep the cold air out and the warmth in. But if you’re experiencing air leakage and unwanted draughts when you enter your home, it could be time to shop for a new front door,

If you’re experiencing low or no temperature control and your bills are going up, start by inspecting your door. You could replace your weatherproofing and brush strips to see whether that makes a difference. However, suppose the problem results from your door warping or other environmental damage. In that case, a replacement door will restore your home’s insulated envelope. It could even save you money on your bills. This is a factor worth considering when assessing your new front door cost.

Your glazing needs an upgrade

Older doors are most likely to be single-glazed, and that can be a cause for concern. Single-glazing can cause issues with noise and condensation and is far less secure than modern double-glazing. Upgrading any glazing in your doors has numerous benefits, including keeping your home snug in the winter and reducing energy bills.

Double-glazed & Triple – glazed doors improve the thermal efficiency of your home, making them a popular choice as replacement doors.

Your front door isn’t secure

If your front door has a security issue, it must be replaced immediately. You’re putting your possessions and family at risk as your home is more susceptible to being broken into. New doors have advanced security features, including multipoint locking systems to deter burglars. Visit our showroom to view our extensive range of high security thermal efficient doors or arrange your free survey, our experts will be happy to discuss the best options available to suit your needs.

Replacement doors from Supreme Doors and Windows

Replacement doors from Supreme Doors and Windows enhance the comfort and safety of your home. If you’re looking for the best front door in Ireland for your property, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help.